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December 24, 2006

The Jolly Season is Here

... as my friend C. said sardonically. Or, as my neighbour greeted me this morning with a roll of his eyes, "Merry Ho-Ho ... or whatever." If it doesn't trigger a fountain of absence and regret, the season can devour you in consumerism, obligation, and an endless to-do list. Not to mention cheesy Christmas carols: the other day I heard a swing version of "Come All Ye Faithful" so repugnant it made me laugh. ("Ladies and gentleman, DIRECT from His engagement at Caesar's Palace, CHRIST THE LORD! Let's hear it!")

Yet for all its baggage, I'm now better able to deal with Christmas on my own terms. For me, a focus on the spiritual aspect is essential. If you're a Christian, that might mean making some serious room in your heart for the Birthday Boy. My pagan/Buddhist/spiritualist mishmash calls me to commune with Leilani. I light candles; I cook her a special dinner; we exchange gifts; and for a "tree," I decorate the houseplant that was my gift to her five years ago.

I'm learning to cope with the jolly season. It takes work, but it is possible. That said, I'll be relieved when it's over. In the meantime, Merry Ho-Ho or Whatever to you all.


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