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November 19, 2006

Grey Cup Sunday

Welcome to my high holy day. This is the day I kick back and relax, eat copious amounts of junk food, and take in the festivities on my narrow-screen, low-definition, fifty-dollar TV.

As to who I'm cheering for—roar you Lions roar! B.C. is my favourite western team, so it's an easy call. I'm decked out in the black-and-orange T-shirt I bought years ago in Vancouver.

I've seen three Grey Cups in person: 1976, 1978 (both here at CNE Stadium) and 2004 (in Ottawa). The first was easily the best game, with Ottawa trumping Saskatchewan in dramatic fashion. Can't recall much about the '78 game other than the terrible seat I was in. Of the three, the '04 game is my favourite because it was sweet to see the Argos win it all in person.

This year, I'm being especially hardcore. In addition to watching the pre-game and game on TV, I'm taping both on the radio. The radio broadcast I'll save for a miserable Sunday in February, when I need a sports fix (sorry, couldn't care less about hockey).

It's funny. To me, the commissioner's presentation of the trophy defines a moment: summer is long gone, fall is over, and winter has begun.

Gotta go—time for kickoff. Looks absolutely frigid in Winnipeg. Argos in '07!


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