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October 21, 2006

Toronto Fall Colours Tour

Actually, there's no such thing; I'm inventing my own.

Seeing as I can't get away right now, I'm aiming to hop on my bike one day next week and take the Don Trail from Carlton Street all the way up to Sheppard and Leslie. After all that cycling (i.e., all those hills), for the price of a token I can take the subway back, thanks to the new Sheppard line.

The idea is to pack a picnic lunch and really make a day of it. Only problem is the lousy weather we're having. I can't recall an October this cold and rainy. It's like we're getting November for the price of October. I just checked the long range forecast—looks grim: rain Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, cloudy Wednesday, sunny—I'll believe it when I see it—Thursday and Friday. On first blush, the latter two appear to be the best days, right? Yeah, if I wear my woollies: Thursday's high is 6, Friday's 4. Normal for this time of year is 12.

Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and follow the age-old cyclist's dictum: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." On the bright side, I won't need a freezer pack for the food ...


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