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April 06, 2013

Slogan Is as Slogan Does

I attend a couple of 12-step groups fairly regularly and of late I find I'm leaning on the slogans, an often-overlooked program tool. In tough times, these pithy pearls can shift my perspective just enough to see me through. I'd like to share a few now in hopes that they'll help you, too.

One Day at a Time: For me, the crux of this slogan is its radical reorientation to the present moment. I need only get through today, and in fact, that's all I can do. I can't get through tomorrow, next week or next year today. But whatever it is, be it a turbulent emotion or trying external circumstance, I can grit through the pain just for today.

Let Go, Let God: What am I letting go of? My problems, worries and fears. What am I letting God do? Solve them. Handle them. Render them impotent. And God will if you let God. It's a moment-to-moment decision to live in faith, not fear.

Our Operators Are Standing By: This, my own self-penned slogan, could alternatively be titled "Reach Out (I'll Be There)." You can't work a program alone, but fortunately, help is always at hand between the meetings. Taped to my phone are the numbers of four crisis lines and a prayer line. Close by is the phone list for my meeting. Self-sufficiency dies hard, and it still takes utter desperation to prompt me to pick up the phone. I'm working on that, but if I can fight through my stubbornness I know that 24 hours a day someone is out there, willing to listen and wanting to help.

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