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June 01, 2006

Introducing Muswell

My neighbour and I put out food for the strays that frequent the co-op. One day last fall, this adorable orange tabby showed up. At first, he was so skittish I had to put the food down and dash inside so as not to scare him. Eventually, he let me pet him, and before I knew it, he was purring in my lap. When winter rolled around and I spotted him at the window meowing, I just had to let him in.

Last month, I finally adopted him and took him for a check-up. Muswell is two and a half (says the vet) and in good health. He's now off the street and in a good home; as for me, I get a loyal companion out of the deal. And yes, he really is as angelic as he looks!


Blogger Jamie said...

How wonderful! What a cutie you have there, Vern! You're both very lucky to have found one another :) Thanks for sharing the picture!

12:21 pm  
Blogger Sacred Suzie said...

Oh, I just loved that story Vern! What a sweetheart. You inspired me, good for you for helping out the poor little one.

I'm Jamie and Shannon's sister Suzie BTW, LOL.

1:20 pm  
Blogger vern said...

Yes, Jamie has spoken (glowingly) of you many times. We apparently share a quirky trait in common: a mutual disdain for Ottawa (The City That Fun Forgot). Glad you escaped!

BTW, I've never lived there; my few brief visits quelled that notion in a hurry. Having said that, I like it okay as a tourist destination.

8:40 pm  

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