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February 14, 2012

Linden Tree near the Water

Linden tree near the water
Rise up in holy satori
Love's verdant blooming is near
Rooted in you in your glory

Cultivate joy for joy we shall know
Thus spoke the angel on high my dear one
Celebrate love for love we shall share
Thus spoke the Lord in a sign my dear one

She of the sea rings a church bell
Congratulations resound in my dreams
You hear the clarion call
Come the big day we'll find out what it means

Linden tree near the water
I'll be your soil if you'll be my shade
Blossom my sweet one in time
O blessed child of God be not afraid

Who's the fair maiden who'll offer her hand
To strengthen this woebegone heart
Shadows may lengthen but sunrise draws near
Songbirds sing linden tree near the water

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