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September 04, 2006

Writers at Work

I've been most encouraged of late by the accomplishments of my friends. Our writers' group has now produced its second book, The Strictest School in the World. The esteemed Howard Whitehouse—who, need I remind you, does all his own stunts—has crafted a hilarious tale about a Victorian schoolgirl's struggle to build her own flying machine. While the story enchants the pre-teen in your life, the Pythonesque humour is sure to keep you in stitches. At no additional cost, you also get to imbibe the gorgeous illustrations of Bill Slavin. All told, it's a rollicking ride, and it doesn't stop there: look for Book Two, The Faceless Fiend, next year! (And what's that sound in the distance? But of course—it's the gallery chanting, "We want Bogbrush!")

While you're at it, check out Simon Leigh's novel Wild Women, the first tome to emerge from our happy collective. A racy account of an Australian couple's move to Canada, Simon writes with wit, elegance, and panache, proving that reading about a New Brunswick winter beats the pants off living through it. (Oh, and if you get the chance, come hear the man read his work. He's got Professor Butts nailed to a T ... right down to the Aussie accent!)

As the holiday season approaches, do keep these fine works of fiction in mind for the word lover in your life. (And if you don't know any, hey—what better way to convert someone?)


Blogger Jamie said...

What great reviews! I enjoyed your wit in describing the great successes of your group members. I'm sure we'll be reading about yours in no time!

4:54 pm  

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