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September 04, 2006

Love of Labour

Now that I no longer work in education (hooray!), I can relax and enjoy Labour Day. I'm watching the Edmonton-Calgary game on my four-inch black-and-white TV, taping the Blue Jays on the radio, and anticipating tonight's main event: the Argo-Ticat tilt at Ivor Wynne.

Hamilton has been pathetic all season, but on Labour Day, stats and standings are tossed out the window. No matter what their record, the Cats always get up for this one. I was thinking of going, but couldn't afford it this year. A win for the Scullers would vault our heroes into second place in the East. Arrrr-gooos! As a bonus, this game is likely to feature a piece of history: Toronto QB Damon Allen is poised to become pro football's all-time leading passer. That's not just Canadian Football, folks; we're talking CFL, NFL, any football league in the universe.

In the bigger picture, Labour Day is the fulcrum between summer and fall. I love this time of year. The cooler temperatures are always welcome, but I'm especially anticipating this fall. As autumn's leaves give way to the first snow, my book comes ever closer to completion. The third draft is going well after a painfully slow start. This trudging through quicksand was hardly unexpected: I've known for months that the early chapters—written before I knew how to write—would need major surgery.

Happily, things are looking up in Chapter 4. I've gone from neurosurgeon to triage nurse to hospital orderly. Now and then, I have to fetch the odd bandage for the patient, but mostly, he's fine. A few more rough spots await—Chapter 7, for instance, calls for a delicate switch in viewpoint—but I'm through the worst of it.


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