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January 26, 2006

Introducing the V-Man

After two years of blogging in my own private world, the blogosphere has beckoned—so here I am, inching incrementally away from insularity. (I seem to be gaga over alliteration tonight. This tendency may rear its ugly head from time to time.)

About the blog's title: my stove has these day-glo orange diagrams that ostensibly tell its operator which burner is which, but me no comprende. Last week, I nearly melted a plastic bowl by turning on the wrong burner yet again. Enough was enough. I rustled through my shelves, found some unused cassette labels, wrote FRONT, REAR, REAR, FRONT on them, and slapped them on the bloody stove. Haven't had a problem since. As this anecdote illustrates, I've come to understand that my primary mode of interacting with and understanding the world is through the written and spoken word. Besides, I couldn't resist the alliteration ... hence Vern's Verbal Vibe. Especially until I get a digital camera, expect many words and few pictures.

For the next while, yer author reserves the right to update sporadically, as I'm hard at work on a full-length (actually, epic) work of literary non-fiction. As far as blogging goes, my eventual goal is to offer a generous side order of currency along with the meat-and-potatoes commentary.


Blogger Jamie said...

Congratulations on your blog launch! I love how you solved your stove dilemma. I'm imagining each of those burners as records (I have a 1-lp and 3-45s version, myself). And here's to a side order of currency!

Looking forward to your adventures!

7:06 am  
Blogger Ralph Smith said...

Woo-hoo! :D
Just stumbled on in. :)

9:29 pm  
Blogger vern said...

Welcome to the party, all. :) And thanks for coming!

7:42 pm  

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